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Account Based Marketing

Why ABM?

Creates higher ROI

Creates higher ROI

A B2B marketing strategy must be measurable. Statistics show that ABM drives higher ROI than other types of marketing activities. Through Account based marketing, your organisation towards clear ROI and measure results.

Personalised to your audience

Personalised to your audience

ABM takes Personalised marketing strategies to a new level by engaging decision makers needs and concerns and moving them through the buyer’s journey. This shows your commitment to their organization and increases the chances they will acquire your services.

Shortens the Sale Journey

Shortens the Sale Journey

ABM (Account based marketing) is a proven way for B2B marketers to generate qualified leads at a greater rate than other marketing methods, allowing sales teams to spend less time on nurturing leads that won’t convert.

ABM stands for “Account-based marketing”, which is the art of the B2B marketing strategy that uses highly targeted, personalized campaigns to win over particular business accounts. Rather than relying on blanket campaigns that are meant to appeal to an entire market. In short, ABM marketing strategy focuses on identifying which company accounts that match your ideal clients and targeting the key decision-makers at those companies with personalized messages and content through your marketing and advertising campaigns rather than applying traditional targeting methods to campaigns.

When it comes to closing a deal, it’s rarely a single person making the decision. (With enterprise deals in particular). Account-based marketing flips the traditional inbound marketing funnel on its head. So instead of publishing blog post after blog post and blasting email lists with content created for a mass audience, ABM marketing best practices revolve around creating content and crafting experiences for particular people from particular accounts. Account-based marketing puts a strong emphasis on quality outreach and relationship-building.

Instead of marketing to the masses and hoping something clicks, with ABM, you start with targeting individuals based on a set of criteria, you identify which companies match your ideal clients and then you market directly to the key decision-makers at those companies.

You identify the biggest opportunities at the beginning and then proactively go after them.

How Does It Work?



Identify Accounts

Identifying which accounts (i.e. companies) you want to sell to or gain as clients is the first step in Account-based marketing. This process is similar to creating a buyer persona, but instead of identifying people based on general characteristics (e.g. age, position, business needs, etc.), you create a list of companies you want to target.


Create and Execute Marketing Plans Campaigns

Once you’ve identified the accounts (and the key people) you want to target, the next step in Account-based marketing strategy is to market to them.

This involves creating marketing campaigns with ideal accounts and material targeted to decision-makers at your desired accounts with precise digital advertising that will attract, improve response rates to sales outreach, and move them down the funnel. This can include personalizing landing pages, drip-email campaigns, best-in-class account display ads, and LinkedIn advertising campaigns.

Measure Results

The final step is measuring the marketing success of your account-based campaigns. This requires analyzing different metrics than those you would use for traditional marketing activities. These metrics would be the total Influence on pipeline, revenue, deal velocity, and contract value. Metrics such as clicks, impressions, and page views don’t paint an accurate picture of the true success (or failure) or your ABM initiatives.


How will we help you

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We consciously take time to understand your business model and it’s core audience, we deliver a big picture digital strategy approach that adapts and grows as you do.

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