Case Studies

Below are sales & marketing case studies from our awesome customers

Urban dreams

Industry Name: Interior Design

Their problem was: The website traffic wasn’t growing and there were no leads coming in.The website wasn’t ranking for even the brand keyword in top 5 pages. There was a great sense of frustration with what they should do with digital.

Results: Their organic website traffic grew by 6313% from 23 visits per month to 1452. The total quoted value for the relevant leads from organic traffic is 44 lakhs. The website went from ranking for 27 not so relevant keywords to 1000 relevant keywords.

The Gourmet Box

Industry Name: Ecommerce

Their problem was: The website traffic was stagnant and there was hardly any sales from organic sources in spite of organic source being the highest source of traffic.

Results: They grew their monthly organic visitors by approx 22X (77 to 1692 visitors) within a year.Their overall organic sales increased by 2179%.(INR 15,387 to INR 350615.60). The overall impressions to the website went from 73.8K to 913K

The Black Box

Industry Name: Ecommerce

Their problem was: The website was ranking only for the branded keywords and not other organic and relevant keywords. It was difficult for them to reach out to people apart from those who already were aware of the brand.

Results: Their annual organic revenue is INR 3.4 Million out of which they can attribute INR 3.2 million to last 6 months.Their organic monthly impressions jumped from 8k to 53.6 k (6265%) after 12months and their total pageviews are now over 4.5 lakhs

M.Ahuja & Associates

Industry Name: Real Estate

Their problem was: The website wasn’t ranking in the Top 10 pages of Google other than for its brand keyword and wasn’t receiving any sort of traffic.The goal was to generate more visibility by getting the website ranked on the first page for all their core keywords and aqcuire quality leads.

Results: Their organic monthly traffic skyrocketed from zero to around 120 visitors every month.They are now ranking for all their core keywords including keywords like ‘best real estate consultants’, ‘real estate consultants in gurgaon’ etc on the first page and generating high quality and relevant leads.Their CTR in the first 3 months increased to 12.6%.

Orient Asian

Industry Name: FMCG

Their problem was: The website traffic was stagnant and they weren’t getting much sales on either of their merchanting platforms.The goal was to get the website ranked not only for product but also recipe related core keywords and aqcuire more sales.

Results: Their total organic impressions increased by 16X (from 4.38K to around 72.5K).They are now ranking for all their core product as well as recipe based keywords on top pages and generating high quality traffic.Their monthly sales skyrocketed by 35X (from 4 jars to more than 140 Jars each month).The overall users coming to the website increased by 21876% from 12 to 2632 users.

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