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Google display ads with SEOAgency

How it works?


Campaign objectives for google ads

Campaign Objectives

As the best digital marketing company in Gurgaon, we recognise the importance a great foundation has to growing great results. That’s why in the formative stages of your Google display ads strategy we’ll work like a master detective profiting your audience to see how they really search, their interests, demographics, and what/where they are browsing.
Bid strategy and Creating compelling Google display ad creatives are all part and parcel of exceptional work, and we go the extra mile to make sure that the end result delivers.

Campaign objectives for google ads
Bid Strategy For Google Display Ads

Bid Strategy

Our Google Display Ads campaign are battle-tested ROI delivering machines.

As the best digital marketing consultants in India, we choose the right Google ads bidding type to drive your ads’ costs down after comprehensive research, analyzing campaign goals, and detailed strategizing. We’ve worked on some of the largest accounts in the Indian market and have a track record of incredible results with proven strategies tested over INR 22 Lakhs of ad spend. Our bid strategies and campaign structures are watertight to ensure no rupee is wasted on audiences that aren’t likely to show ROI on your business offering.

Our team is an expert at delivering omnichannel execution, that’s why we are unique in the Indian search market. When it comes to squeezing results of your Google display ads campaign we’ll utilize your ads to the fullest.

Ad Creatives For Google Display Ads

Ad Creatives

At The SEO Agency, we believe the success of any Google display ads campaign comes down to the creative quality of the ads. Our team of experts creates ad banners that are visually compelling, concise in conveying the message and clear in communication for your Google Display Ad campaign. We believe in capitalizing on the strengths of each channel to tell the story.

Ad Creatives For Google Display Ads
Bid Strategy For Google Display Ads

Optimization & Bid Management

For us, ad-copy isn’t just an afterthought or a chore like at some Google Ads agencies, we recognize that the potential compelling campaign message has to resonate with audiences and incite them to take an action. And we’re just as meticulous in ensuring a compelling message is seen by your audience as we are in our targeting. That’s why our processes in delivering iterative improvement on your campaign messaging are the best in the industry. We’ll match the right message to the right targeting.



Our conversations always aim to be transparent and human. That’s why when it comes to reporting you’ll have 24/7 access to the figures that matter, no vanity metrics, no jargon, no rote reporting, just clear dashboards, and honest conversations about where your campaign is at and where it’s going.
Getting positive feedback on a business KPI achieved or hearing the real, look around you, the business impact of our campaigns is the ultimate compliment for your team.


How will we help you

With 20 years of experience,we believe in being customer focused instead of channel focused, a one-stop shop digital partner you can trust to grow your business.

Leaving you free to focus on what you do best, running your business knowing you are in good hands with our talented team handling your digital marketing.

As the best digital marketing company in Gurgaon we take pride in the level of detail we incorporate in our easy to understand reports and honest conversations about where your campaign is at and where it’s going. 

We consciously take time to understand your business model and it’s core audience, we deliver a big picture digital strategy approach that adapts and grows as you do.

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“My vet clinic went from having just a few customers, to getting more new customers with the help of Cobiro and their marketing services”

– Simon Mogensen, Small Vet Clinic

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Frequently Asked Questions

With Google Display advertising you can reach and get your ads in front of prospective customers across the globe when they are watching videos, browsing websites, shopping, or reading on the internet. Most importantly with Google display ads, you can reach your targeted audience with ads early on in the buying cycle. i.e when they’re still researching, weighing their options or, possibly, even unaware they need your services.

There are a lot of ways to target users by using google display ads. In the Display advertisement network, there are several additional targeting options apart from keyword targeting (as compared to Google search ads)to choose from. A combination of the keyword targeting, placement targeting interest targeting, topic targeting, demographic targeting, and remarketing options can be used to create your audience. To create and reach an ideal audience we would suggest hiring the best digital marketing company in Gurgaon

Google’s Display Network consists of over 2 million websites and, according to Google, reaches over 90% of global internet users.Google Display Ads allows you to create text ads and non-text ads. These could include high quality images, videos and animated ads. With these variety of powerful and different ad formats you can make your ads stand out to increase brand awareness and visibility. One of the biggest advantages of Google’s Display Network is the variety of targeting options. In short, Google Display Ads are the best way to get in touch with new and probable customers at a low cost per click.

Ideally, anyone who is looking to grow their business should be running Google display ads under guidance or via a professional digital marketing consultant in India. However to be specific we at The SEO Agency would definitely recommend businesses like home decor, apparel gets, businesses dealing in products/services which don’t have immediate sales/conversion rate as google ads can ensure that their brand stays top-of-mind for prospect buyers and businesses that are looking to get people familiarized with their brand (who want to increase brand awareness)should opt for Google display ads.

Google search ads are a type of paid advertising, also known as PPC, that gets your business found on search engine result pages (SERPs). These ads are a great way to put your brand in front of your target audience through search engines like Google that allow the potential audience to find and reach your products and services. On the other hand, google display ads are in no way related to search engines. Google display ads don’t work for intent, but to grow your brand awareness and visibility online! These display ads won’t be limited to appearing in one place but will be displayed across different websites that users are browsing on across the web.