Youtube Marketing Services In Delhi

Watch your business grow, ROI increase, and engagement from your potential customers boost on one of the most preferred video platforms for advertising.

Youtube Marketing Services In Delhi

How it works?


Campaign objectives

Campaign objectives

As the best digital marketing company in Gurgaon, we recognize the importance a great foundation has to grow great results. That’s why in the formative stages of your Youtube ads strategy we’ll work like a master detective profiting your audience to see how and what they really search, what channels and industries are their browsings, their interests, demographics, and their search history.

Bid strategy, creation of compelling ad videos and choosing the correct ad format are all part and parcel of exceptional work, and we as the provider of best youtube marketing services in Delhi we go the extra mile to make sure that the end result delivers.

Campaign objectives
Bid Strategy

Bid Strategy

Our Youtube Ads campaigns are battle tested ROI delivering machines. As the best digital marketing consultants in India we choose the right Youtube ads bidding type depending on your goals and ad formats to drive your ads’ costs down after comprehensive research, analyzing campaign goals and detailed strategizing.While providing youtube marketing services in Delhi we’ve worked on some of the largest accounts in the Indian market and have a track record of incredible results with proven strategies tested over INR 22 Lakhs of ad spend. Our bid strategies and campaign structures are water tight to ensure no rupee is wasted on audiences that aren’t likely to show ROI on your business offering. Our team is expert at delivering omni-channel execution, that’s why we are unique in the Indian search market. When it comes to squeezing results of your YouTube ads campaign we’ll utilise your ads to the fullest.

Video Creation/Types of Ads

Video Creation/Types of Ads

At The SEO Agency we believe in creating compelling youtube ad videos that feel natural,native and relatable to your audience and incite them to take action. When it comes to setting up Youtube ads campaigns there are different types of video ad formats to choose from i.e Pre-roll video ads,In-stream video ads,Bumper ads and In-display( Discovery ads).

As the leading provider of  youtube marketing services in Delhi we are aware about the requirements,benefits and use cases of each of these ads formats to make sure we go with the best suitable format option to create effective and result-oriented youtube ads campaigns.

At the end the success of any Youtube ads campaign comes down to the creative quality of the video ads.Our team of experts create ads that are visually compelling, concise in conveying the message and clear in communication for your Ad campaign. We believe in capitalizing on the strengths of each channel to tell the story.

Video Creation/Types of Ads
Optimization & Bid Management 2

Optimization & Bid Management

For us, ad-copy  and text overlays in youtube video ads aren’t just an afterthought or a chore like at some agencies that provide youtube marketing services in Delhi. We recognise that the potential  compelling campaign message has to resonate with audiences and deliver results. We just don’t write ad copies but take your customers on a journey to discover your product/service, fall in love with it and then turn into a loyal customer. And we’re just as meticulous in ensuring a compelling message is seen by your audience as we are in our targeting.That’s why our processes in delivering iterative improvement on your campaign messaging are the best in the industry. We’ll match the right message to the right targeting in the right format.

Youtube ads reporting


Our conversations always aim to be transparent and human. That’s why when it comes to reporting you’ll have 24/7 access to the figures that matter, no vanity metrics, no jargon, no rote reporting, just clear dashboards and honest conversations about where your campaign is at and where it’s going.

Getting positive feedback on a business KPI achieved or hearing the real, look around you, business impact of our campaigns is the ultimate compliment for your team.

– Daily MIS
– Monthly Reports

Youtube ads reporting

How will we help you

With 20 years of experience,we believe in being customer focused instead of channel focused, a one-stop shop digital partner you can trust to grow your business.

Leaving you free to focus on what you do best, running your business knowing you are in good hands with our talented team handling your digital marketing. 

As the best digital marketing company in Gurgaon we take pride in the level of detail we incorporate in our easy to understand reports and honest conversations about where your campaign is at and where it’s going. 

We consciously take time to understand your business model and it’s core audience, we deliver a big picture digital strategy approach that adapts and grows as you do.

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“My vet clinic went from having just a few customers, to getting more new customers with the help of Cobiro and their marketing services”

– Simon Mogensen, Small Vet Clinic

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Frequently Asked Questions

Youtube advertising has gained a lot of popularity in recent years and for all the good reasons! It has now become one of the most preferred platforms to advertise for businesses. Enormous Reach, easily accessible statistics, influence on purchasing behavior, availability of advanced and in-depth targeting, High ROI, and flexible pricing are the top 5 reasons you should definitely opt for youtube marketing services in Delhi and grow your business.

Youtube marketing services in Delhi are the next big things for B2C and B2C alike. Using youtube ads you can reach your potential customers and incite them to take any action when they are looking out for videos or browsing videos on Youtube. The best part is that you pay only when they show interest in the ads.

Youtube offers a variety advertising formats like 

1. Skippable ads- The ads which you see in between the videos and can be skipped after 5 seconds

2. Non-skippable ads- The ads which you see before the videos and are non-skippable

3. Overlay ads- The semi-transparent image/video ads that overlay at the bottom of the video screen

4. Display ads- The ads that appear to the right of the featured video

5. Bumper ads-  Non-skippable video ads of 6 seconds before the video

6. Sponsor- Displays content related to video like the products that are featured in the video

We at The SEO agency carefully plan your advertising strategy including which ad format will be the best suitable for youtube marketing services in Delhi for your business.

This is a misconception that only big brands and businesses are running ads on youtube. In fact, due to its wide user base and highly flexible budget pricing options, a lot of startups and SMEs are increasingly opting for youtube marketing services in Delhi as video ads on youtube provide them an opportunity to increase their reach and visibility to their potential customers in their key stage of the search process.

The budget for a youtube campaign is not the same for everyone it differs based on your audience targeting, where they are and how often would you like to reach them. Overall, youtube campaigns are a highly cost-effective way to reach your potential customers and place your brand in front of them as you pay only when the customer shows interest in your ad. That ‘s is why you should opt for youtube marketing services in Delhi to expand your reach and brand visibility at affordable rates.